My Services

Executive Coaching

Working with an executive coach helps individuals develop both personally and professionally to be the best leaders they can be. Often people know that ‘what got them where they are won’t get them where they need to be’, yet don’t know what to do about that.  I engage individuals to enable them to increase their self-awareness and develop their own insights to improving performance – to get them where they want to be. I help individuals develop the confidence, awareness and resilience to lead successfully wherever a person is on their leadership journey. 

Team Coaching

Team coaching is about creating learning conversations that enable the team to operate and collaborate in new ways. The coaching is a change process that provides a structure and ongoing support over time. When I coach a team essentially what I do is focus on relationship work, in conversation with the team, exploring how this gets expressed in behaviour. My style is to provide teams with the safety and encouragement, and at times the challenge, to make changes in how the team interacts to achieve new and better results. 


from Organisational Away Days to Team Retreats

I facilitate for you when it matters that agreed outcomes are achieved; in such a way that relationships are strengthened and people are inspired to move forward together. Examples include when:

  • Vision, Mission, Purpose and Strategy are being developed
  • Organisations and teams want to identify, and live by their values
  • Global or geographically dispersed teams meet face-to-face when usually they work virtually
  • The Board and the Staff want to meet to think and plan together
  • New teams are formed that need to ‘hit the ground running’
  • Organisations and teams are at a crossroads and need to make decisions together
  • Everyone needs to be involved in the content of the meeting
  • Everyone’s ideas and views need to be heard 
  • Conflicts need to be managed to positive effect

“Dear Mollie, as you know already, I thought our Awayday was a great success, and I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your part in making that happen. You facilitated us brilliantly, got everyone involved and contributing, spurred people on to energetic and creative efforts.” Annie Hedge, Chair, Rights Of Women

Action Learning Facilitation

Action learning is a fast, effective technology for solving work-based problems and developing peer support. It takes place in small groups such as project groups, teams, a group of peers, multidisciplinary groups or as part of learning programmes. I quickly build a safe learning environment with participants and facilitate and demonstrate effective use of a coach-based approach. Participants learn to reflect on their practice, help each other, think critically and address real world issues. 

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