What My Clients Say

Here are some examples of what my clients say about working with me.

It’s been amazing to work with Mollie. She knows exactly when to ask a question that causes me to reflect and explore issues at exactly the right time. And then I think, ‘Oh, yes, of course’. I have these wonderful ‘Eureka’ moments – when I understand what’s happening, I understand myself and I understand why I’ve reacted in the way I have.

Each time we meet I come away feeling more confident in myself and my abilities, more positive, and with a tool I’ve gone on to use with my team. From this, one unhappy team now has significantly improved their working relationships. This is one way my work with Mollie has impacted a lot of people and resulted in improved patient care on wards.

She has also helped me demystify cultural behaviours that have been an issue. There has been a positive resolution to this beyond what I would have thought possible.

I’ve had coaching before but not like this. Mollie knows instinctively what to do and say. I have come away with a happier team, improved working relationships, the ability to turn negatives into positives and empower others to do the same.

Allison Burrell, Associate Director of Nursing – Surgery,
The Royal London Hospital

Mollie has helped me develop a completely different perspective on my business.  From this I now am much more aware of the human side and how relevant it is to everything I do. I have learned how all my life experiences become resources I can draw on to support me in business situations. Mollie reads me accurately and helps me see myself more clearly. She has the ability to see through to the real issues and cut to the chase.

Richard Bartholomew, Director,
Bartholomews Specialist Distribution Ltd

Working with Mollie has been the most rewarding development experience of my career. My sessions with Mollie have been invaluable in helping me gain clarity around the value I bring to the workplace, and really transformed my thinking in an incredibly positive way. Mollie creates the perfect environment to really challenge your existing thinking – both safe, and confidential, while open, and at times, painfully honest! Mollie blends her skills and experience in a highly creative way – which infuse our sessions and result in a highly engaging, deep learning experience. I can’t thank her enough.

I’d thoroughly recommend Mollie to support any leader, male or female. Having been on a lot of development programmes in the past, I’d say Mollie’s approach and skill is pretty exceptional.

Liz Ridgway, Head of Marketing & Sales Support, Right Management

Mollie worked with our group of nurses and consultants for 7 sessions. We knew where we wanted to go but didn’t know how to get there. Mollie used a light touch and laser like perception to guide us to better knowledge of ourselves as individuals and as a group. After 7 sessions which had each brought their own revelations, we found ourselves opening the door to our destination. It’s a much better place to be in for all of us.

Dr Heather Noble, Clinical Director, Barts Health Trust

I had four coaching sessions with Mollie following my years maternity. I found the sessions incredibly helpful and gained new insight at each one. Mollie’s approach was supportive, creative and challenging. As a result of my coaching sessions I felt that I grew personally – working on areas such as dealing with conflict, articulating and identifying my strengths and encouraging me to show more leadership behaviours. It was a great help in helping me settle back into the organisation and focus my strengths and energy where they would be of most value. This is important to everyone but especially important when time is more pressed which it often is when juggling childcare. I would recommend Mollie without reservation and really appreciate the support provided by her and the organisation post maternity leave.

Flora MacDonald, Senior Consultant, Right Management

Mollie Treverton led an Action Set learning programme for our HIV medical team at Newham Hospital. We were rather a fractured team, and she facilitated our group through tricky waters to a more functional approach to working together for patients, ourselves and the department as a whole. Mollie was inspirational during the sessions we had together over 9 months. She took us through difficult conversations, and drew us away from interpersonal difference to focus on patient care, team relations, and future service goals and aspirations. She did all this with patience, kindness and a fairness that was impressive. We didn’t follow the standard ALS (Action Learning Set) process as our team clearly needed a different approach. Mollie was reflexive and adaptive to issues as they presented, winning over sceptical colleagues in the process. I would highly recommend her, and miss her input.

Dr. Rebecca O’Connell, Clinical Lead, Barts Health Trust

I had three maternity coaching sessions with Mollie in 2014 following my return to the business. When I started my maternity coaching I felt fragile and overwhelmed with my return to work. I was not sure with where I was heading career-wise and I was struggling to juggle my competing responsibilities. I found the sessions invaluable in allowing me the opportunity to take stock, review my needs and rebuild my self-confidence. The work we did in the sessions enabled me to focus on what was important, reconnect with my professional self and ultimately create a working arrangement that not only had my full commitment but which made me feel excited about the future. I found Mollie very easy to talk with, extremely empathetic, and her insight was invaluable. She created a safe and comfortable environment for me to air my worries, concerns and insecurities and was practical in helping me shape solutions and explore alternative ways of thinking and being. I could not be more grateful that the business invested in maternity coaching and Mollie was my coach.

Anna Gabriel, Senior Consultant, Right Management

I am the Managing Director of a charity based in West Sussex which supports adults with learning disabilities. Mollie Treverton has provided executive coaching to me since April 2009. In the past 2 – 3 years my organisation has experienced a range of challenges, rapid growth and change. I have met Mollie on a regular basis to explore strategy, my role in leading the organisation and problem solving.

The coaching approach has given me the opportunity and space to reflect and develop my skills as a leader. In addition to the sessions I have with Mollie I have also arranged for Mollie to work with other managers across the Aldingbourne Trust.

My experience of working with Mollie has been constructively challenging. The coaching techniques enable us to unpick issues. Some of these have been new challenges, others had been recurring across the organisation. I find I am guided through our sessions to identify core challenges, explore these from different perspectives (internally and externally) and address them. Mollie has been flexible and responsive to the issues we have discussed. It is important to me to have the frames of reference in terms of approaches and theories, and she has recommended a range of useful further materials which have helped me understand an area in more depth. She has demonstrated a depth of knowledge and understanding in organisational behaviour.

A key strength is Mollie’s ability to hold and link information from earlier sessions. I have been impressed by her integrity and professional approach to our work. We have worked in different ways, including structured approaches, using frameworks and looser methods when this has been more appropriate. She is always fully prepared and follows up on any further action we agree upon.

Mollie is able to adapt her pace and availability according to the demands at the time. Her coaching skills have led me to have a wider perspective, ask salient questions and get to the core of an issue, challenging my own preconceptions and methods. As my organisation has grown I have needed to review my own role and methods, along with the other managers in the organisation, to bring in the skill and expertise of people across the Trust. This is resulting in myself and our managers developing more skills as facilitators and our own coaching culture. Staff across the organisation report feeling more involved, able to make quick and intelligent decisions and be able to make a difference. This has also resulted in identifying and removing waste, more creative solutions and a focus on what matters to the people we support. Last year the Trust also achieved gold status in Investors in People, joining the other 1% of of IiP organisations in this category.

Sue Livett, Managing Director, Aldingbourne Trust

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