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What does riding a bike have in common with the way we protect ourselves?

What do I mean by this and why does it matter?

Leaders are people who take responsibility, they worry about their work. Their worries include things like whether they are making their numbers, how to get more than 4 hours sleep a night, wanting to get along better with their boss, whether they have the right people on their team and how to bring change in more quickly.

Therefore it makes sense for leaders to have reliable access to their clearest, most resourced and creative abilities to be successful. The key to accessing these abilities is self-awareness. Yet our self-awareness is not developed or supported as we grow up. The saying, ‘what got you here won’t get you where you want to go’ underlines the need to truly understand our internal emotional landscape and how to navigate it. And what keeps us from this understanding is the self-protection system each of us has carefully created to help us meet the challenges of growing up. The prize of self-awareness is to be free to respond in the moment, without emotions that hinder leadership from flourishing.

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Working at the edge

For those ready to go beyond what is familiar, working at the edge creates a step-change for those interested in bringing more self-awareness to how they lead themselves, and therefore how they lead others and how they lead in society.

The techniques I use in this work are a blend of Western coaching psychological approaches to the mind, and Eastern meditation qualities – such as relaxation, presence and being in a ‘here and now’ state. This blend is tailored so each leader experiences both approaches working effectively together for their individual benefit.


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Leaders making a transition

transition help

As a corporate professional I have had a unique opportunity to work with many people across many different professions, industries and cultures. I have learned that the pervasiveness of the inner judge and critic, the ‘masks’ we tend to wear, and our ways of blocking ourselves, is remarkably constant.

Through this I have gained a number of fundamental understandings that have proved invaluable because they support individuals to get to the underlying patterns, assumptions and beliefs informing their behaviour. And whilst I am meeting individuals in a professional context, where people want to grow and develop their careers, invariably this touches all areas of their lives.

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