Lifelong learner, nature lover, meditator, doting grandmother, music-lover and general work in progress…

At university I studied the psychology of how people learn and developed a lifelong passion to understand what makes people tick. Years later, and after gaining a Masters Degree in Human Relations I worked as a counsellor in the NHS and a trainer of counsellors before entering management. There I was an early adopter of the ‘coaching-manager’ style. I also specialised in embedding Equalities and Diversity into services and business, getting fascinated with organisations, creating simplicity and enabling successful change programmes.

I have been an independent organisational development professional since 2006, working in the areas of change management, executive coaching, leadership development, programme design and facilitation.

Facilitating change has become the place where my experience and learning comes together. I realised that the study of meditation, psychology and organisations are all interconnected – manifestations of my interest in human consciousness and taking care of the ‘soul’ within organisations. 

The work I love is helping leaders and their teams bring about personal and corporate transformation with more openness and ease. To this end, making visible the otherwise invisible systemic forces affecting organisations and relationships, understanding the roots of individual and team behaviour, and applying business focused action learning are cornerstones of my practice.

Another support I bring to leaders are the Conversational Intelligence® resources and tools. These are neuroscience-based, readily learnable and potentially game-changing conversational practices.

I pursue my deep interest in personal transformation in parallel to my work. For many years I have practiced meditation alongside various experiential therapies. This dual approach supports me to better know my individuality and experience my aliveness. And I understand that I can only work with others as deeply as I have known myself.

Education and Training

  • Professional Executive Coach
  • AoEC Advanced Practitioner Diploma – Executive Coaching
  • MA Ed. Human Relations
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Accredited user of CTT – Cultural Transformation Tools, includes 360, team, small group and whole organisation assessments
  • Accredited trainer for the Organisational Workshop
  • Independent Practitioner of the Vanguard Method for Systems Thinking
  • Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach